Soros saw trump the tendency to dictatorship

George Soros

The policy of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump fail, and he could become a dictator. This was stated in an interview with Bloomberg, billionaire investor George Soros.

“I would describe him [trump] as a liar, cheater and a potential dictator. But it is only a potential dictator, as I believe that the Constitution and the political institutions of the United States strong enough… He would be a dictator if he could get away with water, but he cannot do it,” said the billionaire.

Soros expressed confidence that the policy of trump is doomed to failure because of its internal contradictions, some of which represent the advisors of the elected President. Speaking about the prospects of world markets, the billionaire said that now they are at the “peak of uncertainty” that prevents long-term investment.

12 January it became known that Soros lost a billion dollars betting against the market during the rally that occurred after the election for the post of President of the United States Donald trump. The total assets of its investment company Soros Fund Management increased by 5 percent, which was slightly worse than average for the market.

The billionaire was a supporter of the candidate in US presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton and donated to her campaign about $ 25 million.