Denmark will send 60 soldiers to Syria to fight ISIS

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Denmark, Anders Samuelsen expressed the readiness of the Kingdom to send to Syria, 60 special forces soldiers to conduct operations against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it reports Reuters.

“I’m glad the majority in the Parliament bowed to this decision,” said Samuelsen. He also added that the Danish military will act in the immediate vicinity of the border with Iraq.

The timing of sending soldiers and officers in the area of operations is not reported.

Since April last year, members of the Folketing (Parliament) has blocked the initiative of the government on the placement of troops in Syria.

Currently, in the Arab Republic are teams of US special forces who are assisting the local forces in the fight against ISIS. Group of soldiers are on the territory of the country without the consent of the government of Syria and, according to the Pentagon, not engage in fighting with terrorists. They are limited to intelligence and training of local groups.

On 9 June last year it was reported that in the North of Syria was seen by soldiers of the special forces of France. “We never disclose details of the mission trainers and consultants of special forces, whose activity is very specific. I can’t share details of their work to ensure the personal safety of these professionals,” — said in this connection the press-Secretary of the Ministry of defence, France Colonel Gilles Jaron.