Not all of the inauguration is good: mistakes of former presidents of the United States in the most solemn moment

After the inauguration of Donald trump, which passed without incident, journalists remember the curious cases occurring at the ceremonies of the inauguration of American presidents.


Procedure of inauguration of the Americans did not pass smoothly from the beginning. In 1789, during the ceremony of the official appointment to the presidency of George Washington, the orchestra played the national anthem of Britain – “God save the Queen”. It happened 13 years after the signing of the Declaration of independence of America.


Exactly 30 years later, in 1829, during the inauguration of the seventh US President Andrew Jackson, a crowd of concerned citizens overran the security escort and blocked the main entrance to the White house. The new head of the United States had to get inside through the window, which was located on the 1st floor. Since the first face of America at the inauguration were hard to guard and put barriers on the path of the motorcade.


The ninth occupant of the White house remained in history as the most “talkative” and the short-lived President of the United States. The first President of the United States addresses the nation and says only 135 words, half a century later the ninth President William Harrison at his inauguration delivers the longest speech in the history of 8445 words. He played on the street, where at that time there was a strong wind. In the end, Harrison caught a cold, and a month later died from pneumonia. William Harrison held the highest office in exactly 30 days.


During his inauguration, Abraham Lincoln acted in accordance with the solemn event, and Vice-President Andrew Johnson came to the event very drunk, noticed by all present.


In 1963, Vice President Lyndon Jones, off to Washington immediately after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, was forced to take the oath of office aboard the plane. In the entire history of U.S. Vice presidents succeeded dead presidents 9 times.


And in 2009, during the second election to President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States made a mistake. The text of the oath, which consists of only 35 words, he had failed to read correctly. In the end, the ceremony of taking the oath had to be again a day later, on January 21.


45 inauguration of the US President was held today, 20 January at 20:00 Moscow time.

Photo: Pat BenicPool / Globallookpress