In Washington, the opponents of the trump broke Windows and scuffled with police

In Washington on the eve of the inauguration of Donald trump, the opponents of the elected President scuffled with police. About it reports Reuters.

Approximately 500 people in masks-balaclavas or scarves obscuring the face, marched through the downtown, smashing Windows and breaking glass in parked cars and stores. Suffered, in particular, branches Bank of America, McDonald’s and Starbucks. From the slogans of the protesters followed, and thus they oppose the capitalist system. The crowd carried banners and flags with inscriptions “will Force the racists to be afraid”.

Protest organizers explained that the activists are dissatisfied with trump’s statements about women, illegal migrants and Muslims. In addition, they believe that the elected President will continue the policy of American imperialism.

In the end, the protesters faced moved forward to meet them, a special unit of the riot, which used gas and stun grenades.

In Washington, pointed out by the Agency, gathered more than 900 thousands of supporters trump, who arrived at his inauguration, which will begin at 20:00 GMT.