The French government announced the possible return of 250 is fighters

The head of the office for the coordination of anti-terrorist action (UCLAT) Loic Garnier said about the high probability of penetration in the country of 250 militants — citizens of France who fought in the ranks of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). It is reported BFMTV.

“They are well trained to conduct fire fight, you can shoot without aiming (…) They know how to handle explosives and build a suicide belt (..) They can build car bombs. Finally, they blindly obey their “emirs” who can order to make a stabbing or people to push a truck as nice,” said the official. According to him, the fanatics can go to all the sake of killing “infidels.”

On November 21 last year in Marseille and Strasbourg, was detained seven people suspected of preparing terrorist attacks. Among their goals was Disneyland Paris, the police of the French capital, the headquarters of the General Directorate of internal security (counterintelligence) of France, metro station, restaurants, and places of worship. The attack was planned for 1 December last year.

The Prosecutor of Paris Francois Molen said that, according to the investigation, the militants had received instructions from the leaders of the IG. “The Strasbourg percussion group, and was arrested in Marseilles a man was ordered to get weapons. It gave the leader of the Syrian-Iraqi region with the help of an encrypted communication app,” — said the official.

According to the French authorities, on the side of the IG can fight up to 700 citizens of the country. In total, according to intelligence agencies, terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq is about three thousand holders of European passports.