British media have published footage of combat su-27 and F-16

In the sky over one of the most secret U.S. military bases in Nevada (so-called “Area 51”) has held a training battle between fighter aircraft Russian-made su-27 and the American F-16. Photos of aircraft publishes the publication Dailymail.


The report said that the two fighters for 25 minutes led to melee at heights from 6 to 10 kilometers.



It is noted that the pictures were taken in the day when Donald trump was elected President. It is noteworthy that the title sounds like “Proof that America is preparing for war with Russia? American aircraft carried out air combat with a Russian fighter over a top secret base of the United States”.


That US fighters are training fights with the su-27 was reported in December last year. While it appeared when the pictures were seen in single plane, while in the United States officially there was only the “spark” su-27UB, bought by a private company Tac-Air and used for commercial purposes.



In a blog, published under the auspices of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies, it was notedthat the fighter was in the USA by a complex scheme of Ukraine to the UK.



Su-27 – Soviet-Russian aircraft, designed to gain air superiority. Is in service with countries such as Russia, China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam and Uzbekistan.

Photo: Phil Drake / Cover Images