The foster mother of 10 children seized has filed a lawsuit against the police and care

Svetlana Del

Mother of many children from Moscow Svetlana has filed a lawsuit against the police and the authorities in connection with the seizure of the family’s 10 adopted children. About representing its interests the lawyer Ivan Pavlov on Tuesday, January 17, reported “Interfax”.

According to him, the claim is sent to the Zelenograd district court in the capital. Del demands to recognize the actions of officials and guards illegal and to return children to their families.

Also, as reported by Pavlov, filed complaints with the hospital and the Center for family and childhood, where children are the guardianship and the police. The woman needs to return a minor and explain the legal grounds for their seizure.

“We will demand explanations, as this is a completely unprecedented in its brutality situation. Not only that, children actually seized on a tip — nearly a week has passed, and neither the mother nor the lawyers saw no documents, no justification of the legality of these actions”, — said Pavlov.

“Our first task is to return children to their families, after which we will deal with this outrage”, — said the lawyer.

10 Jan educator capital of the kindergarten found on the body of one of the pupils of bruises, which, according to him, was inflicted by the father. On the same day, he and nine foster children were removed to ascertain the circumstances. All of them are HIV-positive. Eight were hospitalized, two placed in a social center. Three more children, including one blood, staying with his parents.

The Deputy head of the Department of labour and social protection of population of Moscow Tatyana Barsukova said that in a conversation with a psychologist children have confirmed the fact of beatings by the father. However, Svetlana has told reporters that neither her nor her husband have guardianship had no complaints and explained that the children have an active life and bruising they appear often. 14 January it was reported that four out of ten juveniles will be given to the relatives of the adoptive parents on 16 January, but this has not happened yet.

As noted by the media that the family of 13 children (one is their own, four adopted children, eight adopted), but Del on his page in Instagram writes that it is “the mother of 16 times.” Edition explains that the three older children are already adults and live separately from their parents.