Marine Le Pen called the main mistakes Hollande in relations with Russia

Marine Le Pen

The leader of the French “National front” marine Le Pen called the main mistakes committed by President Francois Hollande in relations with Russia. She told about it in interview to REN TV.

According to Le Pen, Hollande from the outset took a course on strain of relations with Moscow. “(…) the refusal to sell two helicopter carrier “Mistral” in November of 2014, support imposed by Brussels, sanctions, negative response to operation of Russia in Syria and, the worst, the refusal to accept a visit of Vladimir Putin”, — stated the politician.

According to her statement, “all of these solutions — not just error, they will place a heavy stain on France itself, discrediting it as an independent country(…)”.

11 October 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled a visit to Paris, which was to be held on October 19. In an interview with French TV channel, the Russian leader explained that the cancellation of the trip is associated with the decision of the authorities of France to make the main topic of the visit is not the opening of the Russian religious and cultural center, and the situation in Syria.

Two days before that, Hollande has said that the visit of the Russian colleagues will be useful.

On 26 September, Le Pen declared that recognizes the Crimea part of Russia in case of election on a post of the President of France. She also stressed that acting against Moscow sanctions, the EU is not only contrary to the interests of Paris, but also violate a centuries-old tradition of France, which previously “were not equal to others.”

Presidential elections will be held in France in April-may of 2017. In addition to Le Pen, in the struggle for a post of the head of state will attend the candidate from right party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon. The name of a single candidate from the socialists will be known in late January, after the national primary.