Trump has called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia

Donald Trump

The US President-elect Donald trump said he intends to keep “at least for a certain period of” sanctions against Russia, imposed by his predecessor Barack Obama, however, made their abolition in the case of successful cooperation with Moscow. He said this in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, published on Friday, January 13.

Trump said that he might cancel anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Obama in late December in response to the alleged cyber attacks if Moscow will assist in the fight against terrorism and other tasks. “If we get along and if Russia’s really helping us, why would anyone keep the penalties if someone is doing really good things,” he said.

The US President-elect also expressed willingness to meet after the inauguration with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. “I understand that they [the Russians] would like to meet, and it’s absolutely fine with me,” said trump.

Earlier, on 13 January the outgoing President Barack Obama has extended for one year sanctions against Russia in connection with situation in Ukraine, the validity of which expired in March.

11 Jan candidate to the secretaries of state USA Rex Tillerson called the condition for recognition of Crimea as part of Russia. According to the politician, the administration of President-elect Donald trump recognizes the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia only if the development satisfies the Ukraine agreement.

January 6, trump called good a good relationship with Russia. “Only stupid people or fools may believe that it’s bad!” he said. While the Republican promised that during his reign “Russia will respect us much more than now.”

December 29, 2016, the United States imposed sanctions against a number of citizens and organizations of Russia, including the Federal security service, and sent 35 of Russian diplomats and their family members. On the same day the national security Agency (NSA) and Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) published a joint paper in which he accused the Russian authorities of involvement in the cyber attacks. Moscow all accusations of this kind consistently rejects.

U.S. presidential election, in which the representative Republican Donald trump has bypassed the competitor from the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, was held November 8, 2016. The inauguration of the new President scheduled for January 20.