Removed from a foster family in Moscow, HIV-infected children sent to hospital

Continuation: TFR began checking withdrawal in HIV-infected children from a foster home in Moscow

Ten children, including eight with HIV infection, were removed from the foster family at the time of inspection due to reports of beatings. About it said Deputy head of the Department of labor and social protection Tatiana Barsukova, the Agency reports city news “Moscow” on Friday, January 13.

According to her, the family moved to the capital from St. Petersburg in 2014. In total they have 13 children — one mother (he’s three), four adopted children and eight foster (from four to 16 years). Five of them go to kindergarten, the teachers whom the morning of January 10 was discovered on the body of the child bruises with bruises.

“The psychologist talked with children, and they in the course of the conversation confirmed the fact of beatings, saying that it was made by the father of the family. For verification, a decision was made indefinitely to pick up the kids”, she explained. Currently, eight HIV-positive children are in hospital, two in the social centre, and native child and two older siblings remained with their parents.

Authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova said that delivered in a health facility receive the required medical assistance, RIA Novosti reported. In addition, a resolution in their meeting with mom.

The Ombudsman added that in July the care staff have checked member of your family, there were no violations. “Any claims to the mother of their health was not in time to buy the medicines, visited the relevant medical centres” — gave her words network edition According to the Deputy of the state Duma Elena Mizulina, during the test, the family was recognized as a safe, TV channel “360”.

Earlier Friday it was reported that the family withdrew 12 or 13 children, presumably, people living with HIV. While initially the cause of the incident was not reported.

The human immunodeficiency virus attacks the immune system, the body is deprived of protection from infections and diseases. The most advanced stage of infection is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.