In a collision of wagons, trucks and passenger cars nine people injured

On a highway in the Stavropol region has faced a paddy wagon, wagon and passenger car. This was reported on Saturday, January 14, on the website of the regional interior Ministry cupola,

The accident occurred in the Foothill area on the eighth kilometer of the highway “Pyatigorsk — Georgievsk”. “The driver of the car “Priora”, making overtaking maneuver, not convinced of his safety, went into oncoming traffic, where it collided with a cargo motor vehicle of Volvo. In the accident the truck was thrown into oncoming traffic where it collided with a utility motor vehicle “GAZ” OTDEL MVD Rossii po kirovskomu RAYONU carrying investigative detainees”, — is told in the message.

With injuries of varying severity were hospitalized all three drivers and six passengers. About the victims not reported. By accident fact scheduled service check.

January 11, on Sakhalin, in accidents involving ambulances, five people died and two others were injured. The circumstances of the case established by Prosecutor’s office.