The Ministry of justice will conduct an internal investigation into the actions of the FBI during the election campaign

James Komi

The inspector General of the US Department of justice Michael Horowitz announced that his office will begin an investigation of the actions taken in anticipation of elections in November 2016, the Ministry and within its framework the FBI. About it reports TV channel ABC News.

In particular, we have to determine whether violated the principles of the actions of FBI Director James Comey, who informed the public and Congress about the progress of the investigation against the former Secretary of state, candidate for President from the Democrats Hillary Clinton.

According to Horowitz, having begun an investigation, the Agency thus responded to the numerous requests of Congress, various organizations and the public.

On 12 November, shortly after the election, which Clinton lost to Republican candidate Donald Trump, she is accused of Komi in his defeat. A few days before the vote, the FBI Director raised the issue of her official correspondence as Secretary of state. This decision, in her opinion, was the turning point of the campaign.