Flydubai airliner made an emergency landing in Chelyabinsk

The low-cost airline Flydubai plane, carrying out flight Dubai — Yekaterinburg, was forced to land at the airport of Chelyabinsk. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the official representative of the air Harbor of Catherine deryabinoy, the plane landed at the alternate airport. Any other information it may lead.

At the same time, regional media have put forward several reasons why the plane needed to land in another airport. According to the source the Board has already arrived in Ekaterinburg and almost landed at the local airport Koltsovo, however the pilots felt that the grip with the runway is too weak, again raised the car up at the sky and asked for landing in Chelyabinsk.

Channel reports that the ship changed the route due to a technical fault. About the problems on Board the aircraft to the correspondent told in the press service of Koltsovo airport.

Flydubai — budget airline of the state of the UAE. The route network of regular traffic of low-cost carrier consists of 95 points in the middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. The fleet formed from the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.