There was a video of traffic conflict ambulance with a lady driver on the Kamchatka Peninsula

At the disposal of TV channel “Zvezda” has a video recorder, which captures traffic conflict ambulance and the driver of a foreign car who refused to yield to doctors. The incident occurred on the evening of 10 January in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


The footage shows how the ambulance rushing to a call of a dying patient, had difficulty walking on snow-covered yard and narrow passages. In one of these alleys, on the street of Tsiolkovsky, the way resuscitation is blocked by a car.


For special signals, flashing beacons and persuasion of doctors the woman sitting behind the wheel of the car, did not react. Moreover, its passenger began to demand from ambulances to provide them with the main road. The man was threatened and jumped on the hood, as described later, the representatives of the station.


However, motorists did not move until, until the paramedics not called a squad of the traffic police.


In the end, 10 minutes of wrangling cost the life of the patient, which hurried doctors – 21-the summer young man has died before arrival of doctors.


On this fact investigators began checking.


The incident caused a great public outcry on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Residents were actively discussing PE in social networks. Most people have sharply criticized the actions of the driver of a foreign car. However, there are those who accuses the negligence of doctors, who supposedly could reach the patient on foot.