The intelligence community, the U.S. distanced themselves from the scandal with the “collect compromising information on trump”

James Clapper

Director of national intelligence James Clapper said that the document, which referred to allegedly conducted by Russian security services collect compromising information on President Donald trump is not a product of us intelligence. About it reports Reuters.

As explained by the Clapper, he does not believe that the leak of such a document could occur from the bowels of the U.S. intelligence community.

Also, the DCS reported that on Wednesday evening, January 11, he discussed with trump this issue.

Previously, BuzzFeed published alleged secret report of former agent of British intelligence on the “deep ties” with trump Russia. It was allegedly claimed that Russian intelligence has collected dirt on himself and his main rival in the fight for the presidency of Democrat Hillary Clinton. It is also said that the FSB was blackmailing trump dirt collected on him during a visit to Moscow in 2013.

The trump rejected claims that Russia has used the levers of pressure on him, he also promised to punish BuzzFeed for publishing these materials. In turn, the Kremlin reports about the presence of dirt on elected President of the USA called nonsense.

On the same day it became known that the secret report appeared to be trolling one of the culprit with the popular imageboard 4chan. About it on an anonymous forum person said the author. The words of Prancer, the text “document” in November was transferred to the American political columnist Rick Wilson, who believed in the authenticity of the above.

The Wall Street Journal citing sources reported that the author of a secret report by a former British intelligence officer 52-year-old Christopher Steele. In addition to the report, according to the newspaper, Steele also developed a plan for the transfer of this information to law enforcement agencies of Europe and the USA, including the FBI.