The head of the Kaliningrad region urged to fight beavers

Anton Alikhanov

The acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov proposed to raise at the Federal level, the question of the recognition of the beaver as a pest. On Wednesday, January 11, writes “Kommersant”.

At a meeting on reclamation of the head of the region reported that rodents cause to the economy of the region considerable damage, namely in the field of road construction. “Therefore, there is a view that is needed year-round to issue licenses to their shooting and to take the initiative on recognition beavers harmful animals, to be exterminated at all without a license,” said Alikhanov.

Program Manager for biodiversity conservation the world wildlife Fund of Russia Vladimir Krever, in turn, said that Russian legislation lacks the term “pest animals” or “animal pest”. “It’s just everyday language”, — he said.

To make the discussion at the Federal level, the expert considers unnecessary. “If there is a problem, it should be discussed with professionals who will say that in this specific situation needs to be done,” — said Krever.

The problem with the population of beavers in the Kaliningrad region is not new. It is noted that in 2016 the investor planned to build in the region a factory for the production of pellets (fuel granules), abandoned its plans due to the large number of rodents. Two years before that, the population of beavers in the region reached almost six thousand individuals in the norm for the region of not more than two thousand. In 2015, the region hosted the campaign on mass-trapping of beavers and the analysis of their dams.