Reboot with Russia will not, we either get along, or no – trump

The US President-elect Donald trump said that to use the term “reboot”, speaking about relations with Moscow, is inappropriate. As the politician said during a press conference in new York, the strange relationship between the two will either work out or not.


“The reset button there, either we get along or not. I hope that I will get along just fine, maybe not, it is also possible, but… Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, all countries will respect us much more than previous administrations”, – quotes TASS of the word trump.


The billionaire said that Washington will work out some approaches to the problem of hacker attacks. Trump explained that it is “not only in Russia”, but also in China.


“Let’s see what happened before: 22 million accounts were hacked, allegedly by China; the problem is that we have no protection from this intrusion,” said the politician.


Earlier, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, speaking about the deterioration of bilateral relations between Russia and the United States during the presidency of Barack Obama, said that the term “reboot” in this context is itself compromised.

Photo: Gary Hershorn / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress