Staff Goskomrezerva wounded by a harpoon to catch them in illegal fishing

Staff Goskomrezerva was beaten and attacked with harpoon at the resident of Ryazan Mikhail Krestina catch them in illegal fishing. About the victim himself told in an interview to a local television station “the City” on 10 January.

According to the man, the incident occurred on 31 December on lake Velha near Shumash village near Ryazan. He explained that he saw some fishermen who were fishing with harpoons (spears), which is a prohibited weapon. The christening, who previously worked in Goskomrezerva, found in the violators of the inspectors.

The man made a remark, and then began to remove what is happening on the phone. However, the poachers attacked him with fists and stabbed with a harpoon. The fight was stopped by the resident of a nearby village. On a scene called police and representatives of the Fishery, and Kristina was hospitalized with a laceration of the hand.

As said state inspector of control, supervision and protection of aquatic biological resources in the Ryazan region Anatoly Kuznetsov, violators were employees of Goskomrezerva Sergei Chubykin and Sergey Kuzin. According to him, earlier already repeatedly accused of such actions. At the present time in respect of the men under investigation.