In Norway calculated the approximate cost of protection of Breivik in jail

Anders Breivik

The Norwegian Prosecutor’s office calculated a rough estimate of how much the state pay for the maintenance in prison of the terrorist Anders Breivik. About it reports TASS.

As announced by the prosecuting attorney Fredric Seyersted, speaking at a hearing on the appeal of the Ministry of justice and the Breivik on the decision of the district court of Oslo, “prison spending five million euros (about 550 thousand euros) just to maintain extremely high safety, which contains the terrorist.” Moreover, as explained Seyersted, this figure does not include indirect expenses, including the costs of endless litigation. To assess the mode of detention of Breivik set up a special group.

A Norwegian court is now considering two appeals against the decision of 20 April 2016. Then Breivik managed to achieve recognition of the conditions of his detention in inhuman prison: terrorist complained that he offered a cold coffee, and food reheat in the microwave. “It’s worse than water torture”, he argued. In addition, the convicted person was outraged that he was isolated from other prisoners and not allowed to him by his friends extremists.

The court then admitted the claims partially substantiated and agreed to pay Breivik compensation in the amount of 40.7 thousand dollars. However, the verdict did not satisfy neither the plaintiff nor the defendant.

July 22, 2011, Anders Breivik carried out two terrorist attacks. At first he detonated a bomb in the government quarter of Oslo, killing eight people. After that, he went to youth camp of the ruling Norwegian labour party on the island of Utoya, where he shot another 69 people. The court sentenced Breivik to 21 years in prison is the maximum punishment prescribed by local laws, but judges will be able to renew it until, until you consider that the offender is no longer a danger.