Instead of rice and flour, the coalition led by the United States supplies to Aleppo explosives

In Aleppo, Syria the most sought after profession now a sapper. Russian experts every day clear the city of mines left by the militants. In the al-Sukkari that the extremists left the last of such deadly traps placed at every step.


“In this region every house is a small fortress in every home we find ammo or a workshop for their manufacture. It is noteworthy that all ammunition depots used by insurgents, prepared for the explosions, they all mined”, – said the head of the MOC of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Igor Mikhailik.


The farther into the Eastern neighborhoods progress engineering intelligence, the sophisticated fall bombs. And especially system of undermining them. The bombs the terrorists are doing, even from valves. And put such “devil-gun” on the first floors of residential houses. Above are the apartments of ordinary Syrians, who unwittingly covered up a terrorist.


Problems with the software, the militants clearly have not experienced. Russian experts and then come across to the warehouses of equipment and ammunition. Space crammed to the brim with medical supplies, knee pads, elbow pads, webbed, raincoats, helmets, brushes and special cleaning kits with automatic weapons. Everything is brand new, foreign manufacture.


As noted, terrorist groups in Eastern Aleppo generously supported a foreign state. And helped not only with ammunition and weapons. The extremists there was no shortage of medicines. Anything in this range the locals did not get. All the drugs were for the treatment of sick and wounded fighters.


According to the representative of the Center for monitoring the ceasefire Alexander Devyatkina, “medicines much stocked for a long time. Medicines imported in Saudi Arabia, UK, European countries”.


If the medication is still like that can be attributed to humanitarian assistance, the contents of the bags labeled “world food program” – hardly. These factory packages had to be rice or flour. But it turned out the explosives.


This mixture terrorists poured in homemade ammunition. The explosives were stuffed even soldered pans. Ordinary items in the home, in the hands of extremists they are turned into claymores. Bombs really exploded – but not where planned attacks by the militants. And in a career where after neutralization was taken by Russian engineers.

Photo: Amer Hasan Al Rabe / / Globallookpress