In Serbia introduced the “red” level of risk due to frost and snow

On the whole territory of Serbia declared the highest “red” level of risk due to frost and snowfall. On Sunday, January 8, reports TASS.

More than a hundred settlements in the mountainous regions of the country were cut off from the outside world. According to the representative of emergency situations Ministry of interior of Serbia’s zivko of Babović (zivko Baboli), have been evacuated over a hundred people.

The situation on major roads, as reported by Babovic, has improved compared to the previous day, but on the roads of the third and fourth priority (small rural road) remains difficult.

The lowest temperature recorded in Serbia on 8 January, was minus 27 degrees. Snowfalls in some regions last third day. The height of the snow reaches four meters. Earlier snow storm blocked Pesterska plateau more than 10 thousand people. In numerous accidents throughout the country dozens of people were injured.

“Television and radio of Serbia” reports that in some regions the electricity was disconnected. Energy promise to soon return the power supply to all homes.