The Prime Minister of Sweden intends to establish contacts with Russia

Sweden seeks to ease tensions in the Baltic sea region and intends to strengthen cooperation with Russia, said Prime Minister Stefan lofven at the annual conference of “people and defence”, where he presented the national strategy of the government. About it writes RIA Novosti.

“Sweden needs a broader attempt in search of the necessary contacts with Russia. Without abandoning our critical positions on the critical issues we are committed to easing tensions with that neighbor to the East,” said the Swedish Prime Minister.

According to him, Stockholm wants to have constructive contacts with Moscow, which should be stable. He stressed that Sweden should promote contacts between Swedish and Russian peoples.

As stated Leven, in recent years the situation has deteriorated in the international and regional security, increased threat to information security and hacker attacks. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister believes it is unlikely a military attack on Sweden.

Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK “Star”