The Director of the CIA had hoped to improve relations with Russia

John Brennan

The Director of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) John Brennan has expressed hope for improved U.S. relations with Russia. He said this in an interview with PBS television, the second part of which was shown on Wednesday, January 4.

“Of course, I hope to improve relations between Moscow and Washington in the next few years. As for stability in the world, it is critically important to improve relations of the United States and Russia,” said Brennan.

At the same time, the Director of the CIA has accused Russia of trying to “undermine the principles of democracy in many countries”, including in European States. “What happened in our presidential election, is not new. Russian several years of trying to manipulate the elections in Europe,” he said.

In particular, according to Brennan, Moscow is less corrupt politicians, and funding of parties and political groups that support its interests.

The CIA Director recalled that in 2017 the elections will be held in Germany and France. “And I have to say that our European colleagues are concerned that the Russians might have hidden aces, which will be promoted in these elections their interests,” he concluded.

Informed Brennan in an interview with PBS said that Russia maintains in Syria’s scorched-earth policy. The official representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov in response reminded that the agreement on a new ceasefire in Syria, was without the participation of Washington.

December 29, the US imposed sanctions against a number of citizens and organizations of the Russian Federation, including against the Federal security service (FSB) and Chief of the General staff of the armed forces. Also within 72 hours from the United States were sent to 35 of Russian diplomats and their family members. On the same day the national security Agency (NSA) and Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) published a joint paper in which he accused the Russian authorities of involvement in the cyber attacks on the electoral system of the United States.

Moscow all accusations of this kind consistently rejects.