Police Pyt-Yakh suspected in the torture of detainees

In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, three police officers suspected of using violence against the detainees. This was reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee.

Found that 22 Dec duty officer, his aide and acting chief of the criminal investigation Department OMVD the city of Pyt-Yakh imposed administratively detained male physical violence. On the same day they in the absence of legal grounds put another man into the camera, use of handcuffs. After some time, the man was sent home, a Protocol on committing an administrative offense has been drawn up.

Police initiated criminal case on excess of powers of office with application of violence and special means. The investigation examines the record from the cameras and official documentation. Also interviewed victims and witnesses.

The operations duty officer and his assistant detained, the question on election concerning them a preventive measure.

In March 2016 in the Ivanovo region opened a criminal case against four police officers, which grants them beat a man detained on suspicion of car theft. In addition, the guards brought the man in the forest, where the “continued application of physical and mental violence”.

In February 2015 the Supreme court of Tatarstan approved the indictment of a group of employees of Department of police “distant”, accused of abuse of authority (including violence), deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed death of the person. Eight former detectives were sentenced to various terms of punishment — from 1 year 8 months in prison to 13 years 11 months in a penal colony. “Far” was disbanded, and the interior Minister of Tatarstan Asgat Safarov resigned. Victims in the criminal case on crimes in the Kazan police was found to 14 people.