In Denmark died the eldest in the family of the Romanovs

Prince Dimitri Romanovich, the oldest in the family Romanov, has died in Denmark at the age of 90 years. TASS said his wife Princess Feodora Alekseevna. “Dimitri Romanovich died in hospital on the evening of 31 December,” said the Princess. Dmitry Romanovich was a great-grandson in the direct line of Emperor Nicholas I and cousin of the last Emperor Nicholas II. Prince was born in 1926 in France, together with his family also lived in Italy and Egypt. After marriage in 1959, he moved to Denmark. Dmitry Romanovich first visited Russia in 1992, after repeatedly visited the historical homeland. The last time the Prince visited Russia in October 2016, he was awarded the order of Alexander Nevsky.

Freudian slip: Poroshenko said about the “temporary Ukrainian occupation”

During a speech to the soldiers in Mariupol President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that “the Ukrainian occupation is temporary”. Video new year speech, the Ukrainian leader posted on his page in Facebook.   “The Ukrainian occupation is temporary. We will unite. Ukraine is United and we United. Glory To Ukraine! And happy New year to you,” said Poroshenko, speaking to soldiers who greeted this phrase with glee.   In social networks actively discussing the statement of the Ukrainian President. Is unknown whether this clause, which fundamentally change the meaning of the phrase, accidental or deliberate.   However, many people, including those from the Eastern regions of the country, Poroshenko expressed support and agree that “the Ukrainian occupation is temporary”. Video: Petro Poroshenko / Facebook Photo:

Erdogan described the purpose of the Istanbul terrorist attack

Recep Tayyip Erdogan The purpose of the perfect new year’s eve in Istanbul attack was to destabilize Turkey and wreak havoc, said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The words of the head of state leads the Anadolu news Agency. “We understand that the attacks perpetrated by different terrorist organizations are linked with the processes in the region,” he said. According to the President, Turkey is determined to destroy the threat and prevent another attack. The government will not only resist the armed attacks of the terrorists and their supporters, but the pressure in other spheres, particularly in Economics and politics, has assured Erdogan. According to recent reports, the victims of the attack on the night club Reina in Istanbul were 39 people. It is known that Russians among the dead there. 69 people were injured, including several citizens of Azerbaijan. The attacker shot people in places of entertainment, managed to escape.

In Moscow tightened security before the New year

In Moscow on new year’s eve in places of mass events increased security measures, reports the national news service (NSN). Platforms where will take place celebrations, fenced with concrete blocks. The personnel of the traffic police transferred to the strengthened operating mode. In addition, the capital banned the entry of trucks. During the celebrations, police will block a major transport interchange. As reported on 28 December, the last day of the year in the capital will be limited traffic. So, from 15:00 GMT will be closed Ilinka street from the New to the red square. From 22:00 you cannot pass on Okhotny Ryad, Mokhovaya, Tverskaya, Bolshaya Dmitrovka and Petrovka.

Russia defeated Slovakia at the world youth Championships in hockey

The Russian team defeated the team from Slovakia in the group stage of the youth world hockey championship, reported TASS. Score 2:0 in favor of the Russian hockey players.   The authors of goals scored by Russia were Denis Guryanov and Yakov Trenin. Slovak hockey players have been unable to score against the national team of Russia.   Thus, the youth team of Russia on hockey took third place in their group. In the first place is the team of the USA on the second – team Canada. Russian hockey players will play in the quarterfinalsas according to the regulations of the championship of the group are the four teams.   Vnegruppovyh first match in the quarterfinals Russia will hold with Denmark on 2 January. Photo:

Kim Jong-UN has promised a speedy completion of work on Intercontinental missiles

Kim Jong-UN Intercontinental ballistic missile in the DPRK is “in final stages of development”. About it as transfers TASS, said the leader of the Republic, Kim Jong-UN in his new year address to the nation. “North Korea will strengthen its military potential if the United States did not stop the aggressive policy,” he said. Also, the head of North Korea’s reaffirmed commitment of the government “the exchange rate on the parallel development of economy and strengthening of the nuclear deterrent.” In addition, Kim Jong-Eun in his speech called the DPRK’s “nuclear power in the East.” Previously, North Korea rejected the statement of NATO, which has demanded Pyongyang to abandon its missile and nuclear programs. 6 January 2016, the DPRK conducted another nuclear test, and on 7 February launched a carrier rocket with the artificial companion of the Earth, thus violating the resolutions of the UN security Council. In response, the

The President of Russia responded to new U.S. sanctions

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow considers the last actions of the outgoing US administration as unfriendly and provocative steps to undermine the future of Russian-American relations. This is stated in a press release on the website of the President. “This is clearly contrary to the fundamental interests of both Russian and American peoples. Given the special responsibility of Russia and the United States for the preservation of global security detrimental to the whole complex of international relations”, — Putin said. At the same time, the President reminded that Russia has all bases to give an adequate response. The expulsion of American diplomats will not be performed. “We’re not going to create problems for American diplomats,” — promised the Russian leader, thus rejecting the relevant proposal of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. According to Putin, Moscow will not stoop to the level of “cooking” diplomacy. Further steps

China is ready to strengthen coordination with Russia in 2017

Photo: RIA Novosti China is ready to strengthen contacts and coordination with Russia in the coming 2017, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi in a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. “In the face of more complex and changing situation, both globally and at the regional level China is willing to strengthen contacts and coordination with the Russian side in the coming year,” – said in a statement posted on the website of the Chinese foreign Ministry. Wang also expressed the willingness of Beijing “joint efforts to fully implement agreements reached by leaders of Russia and China, as well as to continuously strengthen international strategic cooperation, with the aim of protecting the interests of both countries, to make new contributions to security and stability in the world and regional level”. In the past year, according to the report, Moscow and Beijing supported the “high