Kim Jong-UN has promised a speedy completion of work on Intercontinental missiles

Kim Jong-UN

Intercontinental ballistic missile in the DPRK is “in final stages of development”. About it as transfers TASS, said the leader of the Republic, Kim Jong-UN in his new year address to the nation.

“North Korea will strengthen its military potential if the United States did not stop the aggressive policy,” he said.

Also, the head of North Korea’s reaffirmed commitment of the government “the exchange rate on the parallel development of economy and strengthening of the nuclear deterrent.”

In addition, Kim Jong-Eun in his speech called the DPRK’s “nuclear power in the East.”

Previously, North Korea rejected the statement of NATO, which has demanded Pyongyang to abandon its missile and nuclear programs.

6 January 2016, the DPRK conducted another nuclear test, and on 7 February launched a carrier rocket with the artificial companion of the Earth, thus violating the resolutions of the UN security Council. In response, the UN security Council tightened sanctions against the DPRK.

Pyongyang claimed to have conducted a nuclear test for self-defence in the backdrop of aggressive U.S. policy in his address, and the purpose of the launch of the carrier rocket was peaceful space exploration.