Trump has doubts that Russia is involved in hacking attacks

The US President-elect Donald trump questioned the responsibility of Russia in the cyber attacks. About it writes Reuters.   “I think it’s unfair if we don’t know. It could be someone else,” said Republican reporters at his estate in Florida where he celebrated the New year.   The Republican said has some information relating to hacker attacks, which I will share in the near future.   Well as a Republican I am sure that you will be able to build good relations with Russia and China. Photo: Vicki Diaddezio / / Globallookpress

Trump questioned Russian involvement in hacking attacks

Donald Trump The US President-elect Donald trump expressed doubt that Russia was behind the hacking attacks on the resources of the Democratic party, Reuters reports. In his opinion, it is incorrect to lay the blame on Moscow, if there is not sufficient information. “I think it’s unfair if we don’t know. It could be someone else,” said trump to reporters at his estate in Florida where he spends Christmas and new year holidays. Earlier it was reported that the US authorities have detected malware in the system electric company in Vermont. Suspicion fell on the Russian hackers. Soon, however, it became clear that utility was discovered on the same laptop, which was connected to the electricity network. December 29, Washington imposed sanctions against the FSB, the GRU and other Russian organizations and six individuals in connection with the alleged earlier attacks aimed to interfere in the electoral process in the

Putin congratulated the Russian diplomats who had sent Obama a happy New year

Vladimir Putin President Vladimir Putin congratulated us counterpart Barack Obama on the upcoming holidays, despite his decision to expel from the United States to Russian diplomats. This was reported on the Kremlin website on Friday, December 30. “It is a pity that the administration of President Barack Obama completes his work in a similar way, but nevertheless I congratulate him and his family members a happy New year”, — reads the statement of the head of state. The Russian leader also expressed congratulations and wished prosperity to the President-elect of the United States Donald Trump. In addition, Putin said that Moscow considers the last actions of the outgoing US administration as unfriendly and provocative steps to undermine the future of Russian-American relations, it was reported earlier on Friday. Russia has reason to retaliate, but to do it it will not. Thus the head of state rejected the proposal of the

Russia and Japan decided to simplify the visa regime

Russia and Japan decided to simplify the visa regime. The agreement was reached in the framework of the summit, which took place in December 2016. This is reported by “Izvestia”.   So it is noted that for the Russians the maximum validity period for multiple-entry visas for short trips to Japan will be increased to five years. This writes TASS.   While Japan cancels the requirement of guaranteed acceptance with an independent trip. This step will allow to establish mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, assured the Russian foreign Ministry. Photo: press service of the President of the Russian Federation

Russia and Japan simplify visa regime

© Grigory Sysoev/TASS MOSCOW, TOKYO, 1 Jan. /Offset. TASS Cyril Agafonov, Alexey Sarachev/. Visa formalities for citizens of Russia and Japan simplified from 1 January on a reciprocal basis. The decision was taken during December 15-16 2016, the Russian-Japanese meeting at the highest level. As reported in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Russian consular missions abroad will be issued to Japanese nationals multiple entry tourist visa for up to six months, multiple-entry private visas for up to one year, as well as multiple business and humanitarian visas for up to five years.

The Governor of Istanbul has reported 35 killed in attack on nightclub

Continuation: the owner of the club in Istanbul announced originating in the United States the warning of the attack In an armed attack on a nightclub in Istanbul killed at least 35 people, another 40 injured. These data led the Governor of the city Wasip Shahin, reports Reuters. According to him, the attack was a terrorist attack. The attack on the nightclub Reina, in the district of Trakai on the European side of the metropolis occurred in the night of Sunday, January 1. The attacker first shot and killed two people, a policeman and a civilian, and then entered the club and opened fire at random in the room where the at this moment celebrated the New year around 600 people. It was also reported that the offender was dressed in a suit of Santa Claus. Meanwhile, eyewitnesses say that the attackers were more and they were screaming in Arabic,

Poroshenko left without new year greetings from Putin

Petro Poroshenko The President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent to the heads of States and governments of foreign countries and heads of international organizations merry Christmas and happy New year. This is stated in the message published on the Kremlin website on Friday, December 30. Congratulations Putin sent to leaders of all CIS countries, except for the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. So, telegrams will be received by the leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Message in particular, sent to the presidents of South Ossetia, Venezuela, Turkey, Finland, India, the heads of the governments of Israel and Japan. Putin also congratulated Pope Francis, Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the king of Spain Philip VI, President of China XI Jinping elected US President Donald trump, Chairman of the State Council and

Us Republican senators threaten Russia with new sanctions

Photo: U.S. Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have threatened Russia with additional sanctions in the coming year. According to network edition of the Washington Examiner, they were on Thursday evening with a joint statement about the new anti-Russian measures announced earlier in the day democratic President Barack Obama’s administration. According to lawmakers, known for his hawkish views in foreign policy and occupying key positions in the Senate Committee on armed forces, these measures are “long overdue to receive.” “We intend to lead in the new Congress the efforts for the introduction of more significant sanctions against Russia,” – wrote McCain and Graham. On their personal sites statement yet. Earlier it was reported that the senators are on a foreign trip. The measures announced on Thursday, the White house and other U.S. government agencies, made reference to attributed Russian hacker attacks on the United States ahead of the

Foreign Policy said Putin beat Washington

Failure to expel American diplomats from Russia became another “clever move” of President Vladimir Putin to the White house. An article about this published by the Foreign Policy magazine, the translation quoted by RIA Novosti.   Us President Barack Obama on 29 December signed a decree ordering 35 Russian diplomats to leave the country. This was the White house sanctions in response to the assigned to the Kremlin’s intervention in the election of the President of the United States. Russian diplomats have accused that they had allegedly carried out reconnaissance activities.   As FP says, the mirror answered a similar hostile actions. And the West thought that Moscow’s response will be similar and will result in expulsion from Russia of American diplomats. However, the Kremlin did not inflate diplomatic scandal than impressed everyone.   The publication writes that the Russian President, showing delicacy and abandoning the hard diplomacy, triumphed.