The shell of the second flight recorder of the Tu-154 was damaged

The second flight data recorder from the crashed 25 Dec in the Black sea Tu-154 will be delivered to Moscow where it will give the experts of the Central scientific Institute of the air force that will be engaged in decoding.


According to preliminary visual assessment of experts, the protective sheath of the Registrar received minor damage.


The second black box of the Tu-154 was detected with depth of the robot. Then the information was passed to the diver, who raised him from the day of the Black sea.


Currently, the area of the crash of the plane continues the search operation. All the fragments that could raise from the bottom and out of the water, on the shore of the visiting representatives of the TFR.


Display of fragments of the aircraft will be held in Sochi. Currently preparing ground, which will bring the wreck of the Tu-154. While they are stored in the port area.


The layout of the wreckage required for the examination and investigation of the crash. During the procedure, on the ground is applied to real contour of the liner, which consisted of fragments.


At the moment the surface is raised a half thousand fragments, including one of three engines, landing gear, fuselage and wings.


The crash of the aircraft of the Ministry of defense of the Tu-154 on December 25 in the district of Sochi killed 92 people, including eight crew members and 84 passengers: performers of the Alexandrov ensemble, the physician and the philanthropist, Elizaveta Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa, and nine journalists, including a film crew of TV channel “Star”.