Russia has clarified its position on Israeli settlements

The construction of the Israeli settlement of har Homa

Russia’s foreign Minister explained the country’s position on the issue of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories. The corresponding statement posted on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry on Saturday, December 24.

“The Russian Federation voted “for” [the adoption of UN security Council resolution demanding to stop the construction of settlements], on the basis that its content is based on proven formulations, reflecting a common and repeatedly reaffirmed the international community’s position on the illegality of Israeli settlement activities”, — stated in the text.

The diplomats emphasized that Russia proceeded from the fact that “the greatest positive effect of the adoption of the resolution on this urgent issue on the international agenda, could be achieved if its consensus support.”

“All our experience confirms that the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, with the yield on the two-state solution is possible only via direct negotiations without preconditions between the Palestinians and the Israelis, — explained in a statement. — It is the objective of Russia’s efforts, which will continue to vigorously promote the negotiation process as part of the middle East Quartet of international mediators”.

The foreign Ministry also recalled its readiness to accept in Moscow the leaders of Israel and Palestine.

On 23 December, the UN Security Council approved a resolution, demanding tel Aviv to stop settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian territory. Voted “for” 14 members, the United States, from which Israel waited for the blocking of the resolution, abstained. Us President-elect Donald trump said that Washington had to use its veto.

In the office of Netanyahu the decision of the UN security Council called anti-Israel and shameful and refused to implement it.