USA in Flight: Russia is able to break up any anti-missile “umbrella”

Do not believe the words of Vladimir Putin that created in Russia a system to overcome missile defense much more efficiently the system ABOUT the USA is that the Americans themselves. And then at narrow-minded level, but at the Pentagon if are not aware of thoroughly, it really guess accurately. And here’s the commander of strategic missile forces Colonel General Sergey Karakayev exactly know the capabilities of their missile formations. I bet he gave him a slight nod in response to the Russian President: “We are missile troops – we any goal is near!”.


USA, undeniably, has succeeded in creating a missile defense system, which was originally stated as countering nuclear threats from “terrorist countries”, among which was the declared North Korea and Iran. The DPRK has not yet serious means of delivering nuclear weapons, while Tehran itself, in the form of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, does not exist. While Washington steadfastly have deployed a missile defense system for the most part in Europe, as if Pyongyang will “take a bullet” for its flawed missiles through podzemnogo of the ball, not run them directly across the Pacific ocean.


Aloud, like as not voiced, but us ABOUT all the appearance and location of the system close to Russia’s borders is built against imagined threats from Moscow. And the defense Ministry, the foreign Minister and the Russian President have repeatedly expressed their, to put it mildly, concerns about the activity of the US in deploying a missile defense system in Europe, in the Mediterranean, in the Baltic. Acted not only sometimes the power of persuasion, but also specific actions – placing of complexes “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region in the end adjusted the plans to deploy missile defense system in Polish territory. As well as without retaliation?


Serious concerns among Russian military leadership cause and the possibility of re-equipment of American missiles from defensive to offensive weapons with nuclear warheads. Plus NATO is actively expanding in Europe and the conventional nuclear potential is the recent deployment of 200 nuclear bombs, as reported by the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu, is also a special cause for optimism is not added. According to Sergei Shoigu, nuclear weapons of the Americans is now in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Turkey. This is a serious risks for our country. The Americans are modernizing their nuclear bombs deployed in Europe, increasing their capacity up to 15 kilotons. Amid US withdrawal from the start Treaty such activity is a cause of concern, which was followed by an adequate response of Russia.



“Naturally, Russia was constantly forced to work on the problem of overcoming anti-missile defense, says the Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov. And, of course, required to create such systems, which would have negated any system to intercept warheads in all phases of flight – from launch, to theatmosphere and atmospheric. One of the tasks implied the existence of such warheads, which are almost impossible to detect due to the speed, false and masking purposes. And this, as far as is known, succeeded our scientists and designers. Created units capable of deep and multiple maneuvers during the flight. This allows them to either bypass the zone of possible interception of missiles, or ultimately reduce the time spent in these zones.


Russia now has adopted a weapon that simply cannot be stopped due to the unique speed and maneuvering qualities. And President Putin opened a big military secret, though, of course, and did not disclose all of the performance characteristics. And he knows what facts operates – indeed Russia is very advanced in the improvement of systems “nuclear triad”, including in terms of overcoming”.


On what specific missiles or systems to overcome missile defense potential enemy said Vladimir Putin remained unknown. It is hardly necessary to remember the service of “Governor”, “Poplar”, “YARS”, “Sarmatians” and other ICBMs, the combat advantages are, however, still evident. But it still is the President talking about completely new weapons. It is likely that this could be a hypersonic missile “Zircon”, capable of speeds that can not develop nor any other missile – neither existing nor prospective. Alleged its vehicles – surface ships and submarines. And confront them ABOUT the US are simply unable, intercept the “Zircon” is unrealistic, we can only state the fact of reaching a missile target.


And even despite the fact that the hypersonic missiles are expected to be in service with the Russian army in 2018 (probably before, but this is only an assumption), the American “umbrella” ABOUT even with the current funds of the strategic missile forces is highly vulnerable. The presence of existing capacity of rockets of land and sea-based missiles listed above allows, even when (say) the destruction of 70-80 percent of the flight trajectories to deliver to the United States (also say) about 400-500 warheads, capable in its destructive power to erase not only America, but also neighboring Mexico and Canada.


It is clear that the winners in this war will not be and the Earth was plunged into darkness. But the likelihood of the guaranteed retaliation helps to avoid global cataclysm. And the current words of President Putin about the possibilities of overcoming it is a warning to those who are accustomed to throw their unwanted bombs in the distance, knowing that I won’t get in “otvetka”. Not the case. Get!

Author: Viktor Sokirko


Photo: Russian Defense Ministry