Michelle Obama spoke about “life without hope” after winning trump

Michelle Obama spoke about “life without hope” after winning trump

The current US first lady Michelle Obama said she’s no hope for the future of the country after the victory of Republican Donald trump in the presidential election. She stated in her last interview as first lady, which gave to CBS.

The leading question of the first lady responded that the Obama administration is made up of what was in the 2012 presidential election. “Yes, I think so because currently we feel the difference. See, right now we understand what it’s like to live without hope. Hope is an important concept, and Barack [Obama. — RBC] not used it as a good slogan to get votes,” said Michelle Obama.

According to the first lady, her husband had managed for the entire term of his presidency to give the Americans hope.

“What can you possibly have if you have no hope? What will you give to your children if you can’t give them hope?” — said Obama.

Earlier in an interview with Rolling Stone, current President Barack Obama said that his wife “never” would run for President. “Of course, I joke, but I think she’s too sane for politics”, — said the President of the United States.

The inauguration of US President Donald trump will be held on January 20, 2017. The results of the vote on the election of the Republican candidate scored 306 electoral votes of the 270 needed to have Hillary Clinton they were 232. According to Bi-bi-si, Clinton won the vote of the electors, with the support of 64.2 million, after trump voted only 62.2 million Americans.