The President wondered about the screening of Ministers on the breathalyzer

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with workers of one of the Chelyabinsk enterprises interested in the idea of using a breathalyzer in the workplace. About it the correspondent “” on Monday, December 5.

Employees of the plant told the President that before the change are tested on the content of alcohol in the body. “Check on the breathalyzer? Will try, perhaps, in administration and in government to introduce such a practice, will not be worse,” — said Putin.

The President also complained to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, who do not quit Smoking. “The government was one smoker that I can’t convince you to quit. Is Dmitry Kozak. Smokes like a chimney. It’s a bad habit,” — said the head of state.

In July, Putin during the visit to the Tver region urged to make the Russian cranberry is not only alcoholic drinks, but the yogurt.

In 2010, he, as Prime Minister, offered the government members to quit Smoking. According to Putin, representatives of the Cabinet were “personal example” to stimulate the Russians to abandon bad habits.