Weather signs for December 28: making a long-term forecast

December 28 is popularly called Trifonov Day, in honor of Saint Trifon of Pechenga. It was considered what the weather is on this day, it will be the same in March.

According to various folk signs, you can determine the weather for the coming days. If it’s freezing outside and the windows are fogged up, there will be warming soon. Frost in the afternoon, and in the evening it began to warm up – to the deterioration of the weather. The red dawn and the north wind promise fast frosts. And if the sun sets in a cloud in the evening, then you should expect a strong snowstorm.

You can also find out about the weather for the coming days by the behavior of animals and birds. If the tits chirp loudly in the morning and behave actively, and the cat is looking for secluded and warm places in the house, severe frosts will strike very soon.

By the way, on December 28, you can determine the weather for the summer. If there is little snow on this day, the summer will be dry, and if there is a lot, it will be cold. A wet day leads to the warm summer months.

Ekaterina Gura



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