In Russia, for the second day in a row, less than 24 thousand infected with COVID-19 were detected

The regions are the leaders in the number of new cases of infection:

  • Moscow — 2239;
  • St. Petersburg – 1834;
  • Moscow region — 1616;
  • Sverdlovsk region — 554;
  • Irkutsk region — 537.

Per day in 937 cases died in Russia — 3.2% less than yesterday (968). The total number of deaths reached 305,155. 33,715 people recovered during the day, a total of 9,293,486.

Regions-leaders in the number of deaths:

  • Moscow – 68;
  • Saint Petersburg — 60;
  • Moscow region — 52;
  • Krasnoyarsk Territory — 39;
  • Voronezh region — 38;
  • Sverdlovsk region — 30.

As of December 24, the level of collective immunity in Russia has reached 60.4%. In November, a new strain of coronavirus called “omicron” began to spread in the world. In Russia, more than 40 cases of infection with this strain have been identified. Scientists believe that with omicron, the probability of a severe course of the disease and hospitalization is 50-70% lower than with the delta strain, but it spreads faster, and the effectiveness of vaccines when confronted with it is lower. The Moscow authorities said that due to the decrease in the incidence, they do not plan to introduce new restrictions yet.

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