The head of the HRC spoke in favor of free PCR tests and against fines for refusing vaccination

“It is already difficult for people, and it is necessary to treat people’s problems related to the epidemic as delicately as possible. The pressure from some bureaucrats increased up to the point of saying that fines should be imposed, that it is necessary to vaccinate forcibly, we are against it,” he said at a press conference in TASS on Monday.

According to Fadeev, it is necessary to encourage people to be vaccinated not with the help of fines.

It is necessary to explain, persuade, work with people in a human way.Valery Fadeev

He also noted that PCR tests and antibody tests should be extremely cheap or free. “An urgent PCR test costs 4 thousand rubles — this is quite a lot of money. I believe that a system should be deployed when citizens can either do a PCR test for free or very cheaply, as well as an analysis for the presence of antibodies,” Fadeev added.



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