Scientists have found that omicron increases the risk of re-infection with covid by five times

According to a published study, before the appearance of a new type of virus in people who had undergone covid, natural immunity protected against re-infection for half a year in 85% of cases, but with omicron, this indicator decreased to 19%. At the same time, experts emphasize that at the moment there is no evidence that the new strain is less dangerous than delta.

It is also reported that two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, as well as the British-Swedish manufacturer AstraZeneca, provide protection against infection only up to 20% of cases against the omicron strain, while it increases to 55-80% after booster vaccination.

“The study provides further evidence of how strongly the omicron strain can evade the protection of immunity obtained either after infection or after vaccination,” said Neil Ferguson, a leading epidemiologist at the university and a member of the scientific advisory group on emergencies under the Cabinet of Ministers of Great Britain.

Earlier, Life wrote that in Russia has developed a test system to detect omicron. And the Gamalei Center has already developed a modification of the Sputnik V anticovid vaccine against the omicron strain. Now the updated drug is undergoing the first stage of clinical trials.



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