A resident of India saved leopard cubs by confusing them with kittens

Farmer rescues abandoned kittens that turn out to be leopard cubs

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— Kitten News Daily (@KittenNewsDaily) December 18, 2021

Farmer Kiran Giri from India noticed two abandoned kittens in his field and brought them home.

The animals are not only emaciated, but also very cold due to the unexpected cold snap that hit the northern regions of the country, reports UPI. When the kittens recovered a few days later and started playing, Giri noticed that they were not meowing, but growling, and suspected something was wrong.

The farmer showed the animals to the neighbors, and they confirmed that they were leopard cubs. Geary immediately notified the local police.

Representatives of environmental services who arrived for the animals sent the kids to the Van Vihar Rescue Center, where they will be raised and returned to the wild. The foundlings turned out to be a boy and a girl, according to Indian media.

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