Bloomberg learned the position of the West on disconnecting Russia from SWIFT

The Joe Biden administration is trying to get the EU to agree on a broad package of sanctions against Russian banks and & nbsp; energy companies that could be ; in the event that Russia invades & nbsp; Ukraine, Bloomberg writes with & nbsp; a link to & nbsp; aware of & nbsp; discussions between Washington and & nbsp; and & nbsp; sources.

According to & nbsp; agency data, among the possible options:

  • New restrictions on & nbsp; on Russia's ability to refinance its sovereign debt
  • Limits on & nbsp; interbank transactions of large Russian banks, possibly including currency conversion
  • New restrictions on companies defense and & nbsp; energy sector
  • Disconnecting Russia from & nbsp; SWIFT.

Some of these & nbsp; measures, including disconnecting from & nbsp; SWIFT, are considered 'extremely problematic' ;, the agency refers to & nbsp; sources. In & nbsp; in particular, the & nbsp; EU and & nbsp; the United States fear possible problems for the & nbsp; world energy market and & nbsp; other markets for & nbsp; which are exported from & nbsp; Russia.



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