Biden signs law to increase the limit of national debt

“Document signed in & nbsp; as law & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; noted the press service of the American administration.

The limit of the US national debt increases by & nbsp; $ 2.5 trillion and & nbsp; will be $ 31.4 trillion.

On December 14, the increase in the ceiling of the national debt was supported by the US House of Representatives … On & nbsp; that day, the initiative was adopted by a simple majority in the & nbsp; Senate.

On December 10 & nbsp; the American leader signed a bill that simplifies the procedure for raising the public debt ceiling in the & nbsp; country and & nbsp; prevents default. The innovation makes it possible to raise the ceiling of the national debt in the & nbsp; United States by a simple majority, which the Democrats currently have in the & nbsp; House of Representatives and the & nbsp; Senate.

In October, President Biden approved an increase in the national debt ceiling by & nbsp; $ 480 billion

On August 1 & nbsp; in & nbsp; the United States again entered into & nbsp; limits on the & nbsp; size of the national debt. They didn & nbsp; act on & nbsp; for two years. At & nbsp; that & nbsp; moment, the country's debt & nbsp; already exceeded its & nbsp; GDP, and & nbsp; in & nbsp; June of this year it reached $ 28.5 trillion. The limit was restored at & nbsp; $ 22 trillion.



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