Nazarbayev told why the USSR collapsed

The first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, listed several reasons for the collapse of the USSR. In & nbsp; interview to TV channel “ Russia 24 '' the politician noted that & nbsp; the socialist economy, totalitarian, administrative, was running out of its resources.

The leadership of the economic bloc should have noticed this in time and made changes in the management of the economy, which was not done. All the accumulated resources were gradually depleted, and we were approaching, first of all, the collapse of the economy. ;. According to the & nbsp; ex-leader of Kazakhstan, such changes had to be carried out in & nbsp; conditions of discipline, order and & nbsp; strong power.

Nazarbayev mentioned China, which could rebuild the economy by changing the vertical of power.

I also noted the unrest in the & nbsp; Baltic countries, which were an “ artificial addition to the & nbsp; Soviet Union. They lived better than & nbsp; the rest of the republics & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; added the politician.

Along with & nbsp; he explained that & nbsp; the declaration of the RSFSR about & nbsp; independence from & nbsp; the USSR on June 12 & nbsp; June 12 & nbsp; was a signal for & nbsp; the rest of the republics.

Previously, the ex-president of Poland Lech Walesa called the collapse of the USSR a chance for & nbsp; renewal and & nbsp; freedom. He also & nbsp; expressed regret about relations between Moscow and & nbsp; Warsaw, which at the & nbsp; currently leave much to be desired.

Svetlana Operuk