Poland accused France of being soft on Russia

In the & nbsp; document, experts from the Polish government center expressed concern about the reluctance of the French authorities to pursue a “ more decisive policy '' in & nbsp; against Russia, allegedly out of & nbsp; fears of a reaction from & nbsp; the pro-Russian opposition, a weakening of France's position on & nbsp; in relation to the & nbsp; US and & nbsp; the growing role of NATO.

According to the authors of the bulletin, French President Emmanuel Macron is in favor of resolving controversial situations arising as a result of “Russia's aggressive behavior in Europe,” through direct dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on Russia to decide whether it wants to be with Europe or against it. According to & nbsp; his opinion, at & nbsp; at the moment Russia is exploring the boundaries of what is permitted and & nbsp; is trying to divide Europe.

Ksenia Maksimova