Kadyrov urged to check Sokurov's words about Russia for extremism

“No matter how & nbsp; s & nbsp; tossed and turn at night in & nbsp; ssleep, as & nbsp; nbsp; no matter how much & nbsp; no matter how & nbsp; no matter how he & nbsp; nor & nbsp; would like international recognition in & nbsp; as a human rights defender, no matter how & nbsp; no & nbsp; he tried & nbsp; again and & nbsp; again to destroy the country, the Chechen Republic was, is and & nbsp; will be an integral part of the Russian Federation! Period! '', & Nbsp; & mdash; written by Kadyrov.

According to the head of Chechnya, law enforcement officers should assess the statements of the directors. Kadyrov admits that Sokurov's statements contained statements of an “anti-state and extremist nature.”

“I don’t & nbsp; like this venal face!”, & Nbsp; & mdash; Kadyrov concluded.

On December 9 & nbsp; Sokurov told Russian President Vladimir Putin at a & nbsp; meeting of the Council for & nbsp; Human Rights that the North Caucasus republics had allegedly become nationalist. The director suggested to “ let go '' those who & nbsp; does not & nbsp; want to be a part of Russia. The head of state did not & nbsp; agreed and & nbsp; noted that in & nbsp; Russia no one & nbsp; wants separatism.

Dagestan & nbsp; & mdash; it is a multinational republic. What do you offer? Divide the whole of Dagestan or Karachay-Cherkessia? We have 2000 territorial claims in the & nbsp; country. Dear Alexander Nikolaevich, do you & nbsp; want a repetition of Yugoslavia on & nbsp; our territory? & Raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; Putin asked Sokurov, asking not to & nbsp; turn the meeting into a talk show.

The Kremlin also assessed the possibility of Sokurov's arrest after an argument with & nbsp; Putin.