The woman took revenge on the mother of her lover and delighted netizens

Reddit user took revenge on her lover's mother and ruined Thanksgiving your lover. The 30-year-old woman decided to take original revenge on her boyfriend's mother for constantly calling her by another name. Her act delighted netizens.

The author of the post said that she had been dating the guy for three years and during this time his mother had never gotten used to her. According to the woman, the boyfriend's parent became very attached to his previous girlfriend and even hoped that he would one day propose to her. “At first I reacted to this with understanding. I thought my boyfriend's mother needed time to get to know me better, ”she said.

At first, the man's mother called his new lover by the name of his ex-girlfriend. “This continued until my boyfriend got angry with her and asked her to be polite. She laughed it off, saying that she just had such a habit. After that, she began to call me by a different name – Janet instead of Jenny, ”the woman recalled. At first she tried to correct her boyfriend's relative, but then she resigned herself to this and began to simply ignore her words.

After some time, the man's older sister invited him and the narrator to her house for a barbecue. During the meeting, the boyfriend's mother invited his lover to cook their own Thanksgiving dinner. “She asked, 'Why don't we let Janet cook the turkey this year?' Her daughters laughed and looked at each other, and I replied: “This is a good idea!” She did not cook the turkey, but instead, on the day of the celebration, she came to her boyfriend's mother with a bottle of wine and dessert. The woman's act unpleasantly surprised all the relatives. Then the narrator replied that the task to cook dinner was given not to her, but to Janet. After that, the man's mother shouted at her and kicked her out of the house with her son. The author of the post clarified that after the incident, the lover stopped communicating with her.

The netizens liked the original way to take revenge on the boyfriend's mother. “I applaud you. You are my heroine “,” This is very cool! “- they wrote. Some users criticized the man for not intervening in the situation and not supporting his beloved, whom his mother mistreated.



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