Kazakhstan will get rid of the Russian language in the service sector

Signboards and price tags in Kazakhstan will be translated into Kazakh

The Parliament of Kazakhstan approved amendments to the bill “On Signboards”. This is reported by “Sputnik Near Abroad”.

Now the bill, according to which the country will get rid of the Russian language on signs and price tags, will be sent to the president for signature.

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The changes will affect the service sector. The new amendments will oblige entrepreneurs to place advertisements, price lists, price tags, menus, signs and signs only in Kazakh. Bilingualism will remain in government agencies.

According to the current legislation, letterheads, signs, advertisements and other visual information are presented in Kazakh and Russian and are written in letters of the same size.

The topic of the Russian language in Kazakhstan became resonant after the nationalists began to carry out the so-called “language raids”. During them, activists checked the knowledge of the Kazakh language by employees of shops and government agencies and forced Russian-speaking citizens to apologize on camera. Later, journalists caught the leader of the “language patrols” Kuat Akhmetov in relations with the authorities of Kazakhstan.

After that, member of the Mazhilis (lower house of parliament) committee on social and cultural development Berik Abdygaliuly said that all signs and signs in Kazakhstan should be translated into Kazakh. Abdygaliuly noted that such a decision was made in view of the concerns of voters about the situation of the Kazakh language in the country.



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