Disclosed the change in prices in Turkish hotels after the fall of the lira

ATOR: the fall of the lira did not affect the cost of accommodation in Antalya hotels Istanbul and Mugla province has grown. The impact of the changes was revealed by the specialists of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), who compared the current prices in the country in correlation with the exchange rate.

Thus, ATOR evaluated the data of the analytical agency Turizmdatabank, which compared the cost of hotel accommodation in various provinces of Turkey … It was noted that in the resorts of Antalya the average cost of a night in November 2021 increased from 257 to 338 lira, in Istanbul – from 313 to 454 lira, in the Mugla province (Aegean coast of Turkey – Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye) – from 226 to 323 lira.

It is noted that foreign tourists pay for accommodation in euros. Comparing the dynamics of the euro against the Turkish lira, which began to fall rapidly since November of this year (the currency fell in price against the euro by 32.9 percent per year), experts came to the conclusion that only Antalya hoteliers did not raise prices. Average prices for accommodation just followed the fluctuations in rates.

In Istanbul and in the province of Mugla, prices have changed more than the rise in the euro against the lira – primarily due to the growing popularity of resorts. Turkey's largest city is attracting a large number of tourists against the backdrop of a falling currency, and more British travelers who have recently been allowed to visit the republic have begun to come to the Aegean coast.

Earlier in December, Russian tourists listed the best foreign and domestic destinations for New Year's travel. which we would like to receive as a gift. Thus, the majority of respondents dream of tours to Europe – mainly to the Scandinavian countries and Germany.



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