The immunologist commented on the cases of rash in children with the omicron strain

Immunologist Kryuchkov: it is too early to draw conclusions about a possible rash in children with the omicron strain

coronavirus, it is too early to draw conclusions about such a reaction to the omicron strain. So commented on the data of the doctor David Lloyd's immunologist, Ph.D. Nikolai Kryuchkov, Izvestia reports.

Earlier, the British doctor Lloyd said that 15 percent of children infected with the omicron strain are faced with an unusual rash. He stressed that minors and adults have different symptoms of COVID-19.

“Maybe in reality it turns out that this is not the case. In reality, it turns out that rash occurs in children, in principle, and not only in children with covid. But this is not the most frequent symptom, and it is not yet clear why suddenly such a high percentage of children, “said Kryuchkov.

According to him, we need to wait for data from Europe and South Africa. In addition, one should not speak with confidence about the ease of the disease with the new variant due to the short observation period and the low percentage of infected.

Earlier, the virologist of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pyotr Chumakov called the omicron strain a live vaccine. He hypothesized that people who become infected with the new strain will become resistant to disease-causing variants, which is likely to result in no more lockdowns.