PSB launched a new solution for online payments via Telegram

PSB has provided businesses with the ability to accept online payments in Telegram accept payments via Telegram messenger. Every businessman – PSB client will be able to create a chatbot for his store in one of the most popular instant messengers and connect Internet acquiring to it, which will allow consumers of his services to make purchases without leaving their usual communication channel. PSB was one of the first banks on the domestic market to offer business such a solution. This was reported to by the PSB press service.

“PSB develops digital services and changes the very paradigm of banking services. We are focused on the development of services that will be available to customers in convenient communication channels, and these are, first of all, instant messengers, which are currently used not only for personal purposes, but more and more often for business purposes. Therefore, following the first chat-bank for business in instant messengers on the Russian market that allows you to issue and pay invoices, PSB also launched a service that makes it possible to create an online store and accept payments there, “said the vice president, director of digital sales of medium and small business PSB Roman Gavrilov.

According to the top manager of PSB, a store in Telegram can become both the only and an additional platform for doing business. Individual entrepreneurs will be interested in the new service, as well as small companies selling tea or coffee, baked goods, and providing fitness services. It will be popular with training courses, charitable foundations and other merchants or entrepreneurs with small amounts of revenue.

If an existing PSB client has an Internet acquiring agreement and wants to take advantage of the Telegram store, then he only needs to send an application to the PSB to connect such a service. A new client who would like to create a store in the messenger and make payments there through the PSB will only need an agreement with the bank for Internet acquiring.

PSB has implemented the possibility of fiscalizing transactions in the Telegram store, and in the near future it will also become available payment using popular payment services.



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