Pfizer Predicted Annual Booster Vaccinations For Years To Come

Pfizer: People will have to get boosted against COVID-19 in the next few years

once a year for the next several years. This was stated by the director of the British branch of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Ben Osborn, quoted by Sky News.

At the same time, Osborne noted that it is not yet known how often COVID-19 revaccinations will need to be done – every six months or once a year. “Anyone who has not yet received a dose of the vaccine or has doubts about whether to do so, I can only urge to see the evidence [that it is necessary]. This can be done right in the intensive care wards and listen to those who work there, “- said the director of the branch.

Earlier, the chairman of the World Medical Association Frank Ulrich Montgomery spoke in favor of limited validity of vaccination certificates, which would become invalid if the person did not receive the second vaccination on time.



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