An apartment building was demolished in a Russian city by mistake

In Karelia, workers accidentally destroyed the wrong apartment building

In the city of Kondopoga in the south of the Republic of Karelia, workers mistakenly destroyed the wrong apartment building. The building turned out to be in disrepair, but the demolition was not yet subject to demolition, the portal “Karelia.News” writes.

The dismantlers accidentally destroyed house no. 28 on Novokirpichnaya street, and they should have – house no. 17 on the same street that fell under resettlement program. The city administration said that none of the residents suffered – the demolished building was disconnected from communications, and no one lived in it for a long time and was not registered.

According to the municipal authorities, they still planned to get rid of the house, but in 2022. In addition, the real estate posed a threat to the townspeople, so the demolition ahead of schedule was even beneficial for the residents of the area. However, the contractor engaged in dismantling admitted his mistake and promised to clear the area at his own expense.

A similar incident happened in Karelia in 2016. In Petrozavodsk, builders confused the address and demolished instead of a dilapidated normal house where people lived. Instead of house number 12 on Pionerskaya street, a building with the same number on Pionerov street was destroyed. According to the documents, the construction was planned to repair the foundation, facade and roof for 1.7 million rubles.



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