American MMA fighter named the only athlete able to defeat Ian

American fighter Sean O & # 39; Malley called himself the only one capable of defeating Peter Yan Malley named the only athlete capable of defeating Russian Peter Yan. The fighter's interview was published on the ESPN MMA YouTube channel.

“I don't see anyone else who could defeat Peter Yan,” O'Malley said. The American noted that the Russian has more experience at a high level. However, according to O'Malley, this will not stop him from defeating Ian. The American added that he considers himself “a beast of a different caliber.”

The Russian lost the championship title in a duel with Aljamein Sterling in March. Then Ian lost by disqualification, inflicting an illegal knee blow on the head of a lying opponent.

On August 15, 2020, at UFC 252, O'Malley lost by technical knockout to Ecuadorian Marlon Ver. This is the only defeat in the career of a fighter with 14 victories.



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